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Zachariah Charles

How Eh, Neh Zachariah Charles Mi numa nania Mes Ska Sah. Mi Dogote N

ania Doyle Charles Neh Moah Ramona Bitt. Neh momo toop Mr and Mrs Kelly and Captain Charles. Neh Nahnah numa wa wa yu  Numa meskwaki and Prairie band Potawotmi Nez Perce. Tame Pesha Wida Tika numa Ya du win. Mau Pisa


How are you, I am Zachariah Charles; my Indian name I was given is Meskasah from the Meskwaki tribe of Iowa. My Grandfather is Doyle Charles Newe of the Duck Valley, Numa of the Wadatika Nez Perce and My Grandmother Ramona Bitt was also from the Duck Valley. My elder descendents are Mr. and Mrs. Paiute Kelly and Captain Charles. My father’s tribes are Meskwaki or Sauk n Fox and Prairie Band Potawotomi. I am excited to work for the tribe with the cultural language program for the Burns tribe as a Language Technician.  I graduated from Haskell Indian Nations Univ in 2007; my course of study was Business with an emphasis in Casino Management. Together we will learn good things our culture, and language, linguistics speak our language in a good way. Everything is good.