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Steven Smartt

Hello, my name is Steven M. Smartt. I’m enrolled in Fort McDermitt Paiute Shoshone Tribe of Nevada. I grew up in Burns, Oregon. I’m a descendant of B.P.T and Fort Mojave. I was hired as a tobacco assistant with Burns Paiute Tribe. I’m excited and humbled to be part of this wonderful team. Teaching my knowledge of how sacred our tobacco is to our native people. And the negative effects.


My previous jobs include processing hemp- DH Ventures. Working with Tuwakki nobi-Burns Paiute tribe. Also, as a Wisdom Warrior teacher- Burns Paiute tribe. My hobbies are playing basketball, softball, attending sweat lodge, NAC meetings, enjoy the woods and spending time with my two daughters, as well as my family. And being involved in community activities. Feel free to come visit and learn about tobacco use. Located at the Armory.


                                           Thank you, Steven Smartt