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The Burns Paiute Tribe’s Administration Department is committed to the responsible operation of Tribal Services. To preserve and promote the Burns Paiute sovereignty and to enhance the health and economic well-being of the Burns Paiute Tribe.


General Manager

Information Technology

The mission of our department is to provide reliable support and development to the Burns Paiute Tribe. Whether it be developing infrastructure plans or end user support we strive to give the tribe the tools they need to advance in the fast pace world of communications.

Office hours: Monday-Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm

Phone: (541) 573-2088

TitleJob TitleEmailPhoneCell Phone
Jonathan MocanIT System Administrator/Director[email protected]541-573-8061541-413-0453
Andi HarmonIT Help Desk -- Contractor On-Call[email protected]541-589-2074
Brian TerrillIT Help Desk[email protected]541-573-8059541-589-3485


Our job is to maintain the buildings, janitorial services, groundskeeping, water services and other repairs and maintenance as needed.

TitleJob TitleEmailPhoneCell Phone
Dwight WagonerMaintenance Tech[email protected]
Cheyenne First RaisedMaintenance[email protected]541-589-2380
Kenneth MehringerFacilities Director[email protected]
Eric JuholaMaintenance[email protected]541-573-8091541-589-4355
Todd RichardsMaintenance[email protected]541-573-8091541-589-1299


TitleJob TitleEmailPhoneCell Phone
Suzanne SettleEmergency/Fire Management Coordinator[email protected]

Emergency Management Services

Emergency Managment Services

Objective: To prepare the Burns Paiute Community in the event of a natural disaster or a man-made caused disaster.


Tribal Fire Services
Objective: Burns Paiute Public Safety – Fire Protection Services have initiated services to meet the responsibilities of fire protection for the Burns Paiute Indian Community, and mutual aid assistance to the surrounding communities.


NEW!!! EMS has their own page! 


>>> CLICK HERE <<<




Government to Government – BIA Roads Planning Program:

Objective; To maintain planning, designing, scoping, engineering, road construction and safety features on Tribal Roads.


PL 93-638 Roads Construction Contract:

Objective: To use the last PL 93-638 funds for road construction or road scoping projects under this Program.




Special Transportation Funds (STF) Program:

Objective: To provide and maintain a Tribal Transit Service for the handicap, Seniors and low-income members on the Burns Paiute Reservation and the General Public residing in the Cities of Burns and Hines.


5310 Enhanced Seniors & Disabled Program:

Objective: To improve the ability of seniors and disabled persons to ride our Tribal Transit Service on our scheduled routes.


Special Transportation Improvement Funding (STIF) Program:

Objective: New Oregon Legislative Directive to improve the funding of all transportation systems within the State of Oregon; maintain continued transportation funding without any disruption for funding.


For more information, click here for the Tribal Transit page!

TitleJob TitleEmailPhoneCell Phone
Alan HumphreyTransit Driver[email protected]
Carla TeemanTransit Specialist[email protected]541-589-5879
Logan HuntDepartment Support[email protected]541-573-8008

Contact Info

100 Pasigo St

Burns, OR 97720

Phone: (541) 573-2088

Fax: (541) 573-2323

General Manager