Language Technician (2)

Job Title: Language Technician (2)
Department: Culture & Heritage-
Reports To: Language and Traditional Culture Program Manager
FLSA Status: On-call
Opens: November 22, 2023
Closes: Open until
Salary: $16.60/hour + DOE (GS 6/7)



Language Technicians work both independently and as part of the language team to coordinate Wadatika Yaduan Language Program objectives and activities.    



1.                   Assist Elder Language Experts in effectively completing voice recording of words and phrases in both English and Northern Paiute.

2.                   Maintain strict confidentiality of sensitive and/or intellectual proprietary information that may present itself during the language recording project such as cultural site locations, family stories, etc.

3.                   Work independently and as a team member to complete short-midrange, and long-term objectives of the language Strategic Plan, language grants, and the language program.

4.                   Demonstrate proficiency in Northern Paiute or be willing to actively work towards language proficiency

5.                   Maintain complete records of progress and outcomes of assigned program objectives.

6.                   Assist with language recording efforts as assigned.

7.                   Participate in and assist with field trips and project meetings related to the Language Project, as requested.

8.                   Participate and be engaged in the short, midrange, and long-term language team efforts as outlined the Wadatika Neme Yaduan Language Strategic Plan, with the Burns Paiute tribal community, Burns Paiute tribal staff, and Wadatika Neme Yaduan language.

9.                   Work as an integral member of the Language Team to coordinate regularly scheduled language events.

10.               Maintain an impeccable attendance record.  

11.               Provide regular (weekly) detailed written and verbal progress updates to Language Team and Culture & Heritage Director.

12.               Available for flexible work scheduling with seasonal overtime expected (day, evenings, weekends, some holidays)

13.               Assist in maintaining a positive respectful work environment inclusive of varying socio-cultural understandings of our current tribal membership while assuring the promotion of traditional Northern Paiute culture.

14.               Other duties as assigned.


1.       Ability to work effectively with tribal community Elders and youth from diverse backgrounds (demonstrated experience preferred).

2.       Ability to work independently and as part of a team to complete assigned tasks in the time allotted

3.       Possess a working understanding of Indigenous Great Basin cultures, and the ability to assist in the incorporation of those cultural norms into research methods and practice.

4.       High energy individual with the ability to provide assistance and support to Elder Language Experts as they serve as expert language consultants with the Wadatika Yaduan Language Program.

5.       Experience with or ability to quickly learn effective use of digital recorders, digital cameras, etc.).

6.       Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing;(understanding and/or conversational fluency in Northern Paiute, particularly in the Wadatika dialect, preferred.

7.       Willingness to actively work toward Wadatika Yaduan conversational proficiency.

8.       Valid Oregon Driver’s License preferred. CDL a plus.

9.       Possess a strong understanding of tribal diversity and a willingness to be inclusive of that diversity. 

10.   Maintain First Aid/CPR certification



Indian preference will be given to candidates showing proof of enrollment in a federally recognized tribe. In the absence of Indian applications meeting the qualifications as listed above, all applicants not entitled to or who fail to claim Indian Preference, will receive consideration without regard to race, color, sex, political preference, age, religion, or national origin.


Successful Candidate must:

  • Submit to, and pass a drug test
  • Agree to a criminal background check
  • Sign confidentiality clause


Return completed Burns Paiute Indian Tribe Application and Cover Letter to: 


Human Resources Manager
Burns Paiute Tribe
100 Pasigo Street
Burns, OR 97720

Fax: 541-573-2323