Language and Traditional Culture Program Manager

Job Title: Language and Traditional Culture Program Manager
Department: Culture & Heritage
Reports to: Culture & Heritage Director
FLSA Status: Full time (+ benefits after probationary period)
Opens: March 5, 2024
Closes: Open until filled
Salary: DOE (Exempt)


This Candidate must pass a pre-employment drug screen and Criminal and Character Background Check.


Develop the Wadatika Neme Yaduan Language and Traditional Culture Program’s growth, capacity, and expertise to provide tribal member and tribal community supports for Northern Paiute language proficiency and traditional culture awareness.


  1. Manage the daily efforts of the program including supervising and mentoring staff, program planning and administration of the Language and Traditional Culture Program; maintain and improve Burns Paiute Nation’s language and traditional culture proficiency among Burns Paiute tribal community and staff.
  2. Supervise and set expectations for performance of staff; prepare written performance evaluations; initiate corrective and disciplinary action if necessary.
  3. Encourages each staff member to reach their full potential in the Language and Traditional Culture Program.
  4. Manage the daily fiscal management and responsibilities of the program, including preparation of the program’s annual budget.
  5. Implement a productive management system of effective staff utilization and sound budget practices.
  6. Collaborate with other dept. programs to implement departmental standard operating procedures to support advancing objective in the annual operating plan and programmatic and tribal strategic plans.
  7. Supervise implementation of appropriate tribal policies and procedures with the program environment.
  8. Establish an on-going system of progress evaluation for the program and components of program.
  9. Plan and implement program objectives and operational goals.
  10. Develop and Manage with participating tribal community, a Burns Paiute Tribal Language Certification process.
  11. Lead collaborations and coordination to provide internal and publicly accessible language and traditional culture lessons and classes.
  12. Further develop the Wadatika Neme ecel spreadsheet to include audio visual links and additional words and phrases.
  13. Perform other related duties as assigned.
  14. Maintain strict confidentiality of sensitive and/or intellectual property information that may present itself during program activities.
  15. Demonstrate proficiency in Northern Paiute or be willing to actively work towards language proficiency.
  16. Maintain complete records of progress and outcomes of assigned program objectives.
  17. Assist with language recording efforts as needed.
  18. Manage program related activities such as field trips, project meetings, and scheduling activities in concert with the objectives of grants, strategic plan, and participating community input.
  19. Participate and be engaged in the short, midrange, and long-term language team efforts as outlined the program’s strategic plan, with the Burns Paiute tribal community and staff.
  20. Work as a member of the Language Team to manage language and culture outreach while integrating components of traditional and contemporary education and language into events co-sponsored by multiple programs and departments.
  21. Maintain an impeccable attendance record, and be available for flexible work scheduling (day, evenings, weekends, some holidays).
  22. Writing grant applications toward supplemental program funding.
  23. Support the TTT Preschool and Neme Taza summer school language & Traditional culture transference objectives.
  24. Provide regular (weekly) detailed written and verbal progress updates to the Culture & Heritage Director.
  25. Other duties may be assigned.


  1. Master’s degree in Native American Studies, Education, Anthropology, Linguistics or related field required. A PhD in the same preferred.
  2. At least three years’ experience in curriculum development with an emphasis on 2ndlanguage acquisition and teaching in a multicultural environment required. Experience with State of Oregon k-12 curriculum requirements a plus.
  3. Two years supervisory experience, including project management.
  4. Two years administrative experience, including records management, budget management, administration of federal grants and contracts and project and language planning.
  5. Experience in teaching in Tribal and/or Oregon Public Schools settings, along with participation in lesson and curriculum development and planning preferred.
  6. Excellent communication skills and ability to work with others.
  7. Valid Oregon State Driver’s License, dependable vehicle and required insurance.
  8. No misuse of or abuse of alcohol or other illicit mind-altering drugs 3-years prior to date of employment.
  9. Ability to work effectively with tribal community Elders and youth (demonstrated experience preferred).
  10. Successful grant writing experience preferred.
  11. Possess a working understanding of Indigenous Great Basin cultures, and the ability to assist in the incorporation of those cultural norms into research methods and practice.
  12. High energy individual with the ability to provide assistance and support to Elder Language Experts as they serve as expert language consultants with the Language and Traditional Culture Program.
  13. Experience with or ability to quickly learn effective use of digital recorders, digital cameras, etc.).
  14. Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing;(understanding and/or conversational fluency in Northern Paiute, particularly in the Wadatika dialect, preferred). Willingness to actively work toward Wadatika Yaduan conversational proficiency.
  15. Maintain First Aid/CPR certification


Indian preference will be given to candidates showing proof of enrollment in a federally recognized tribe.  In the absence of Indian applicants meeting the qualifications as listed above, all applicants not entitled to or who fail to claim Indian Preference, will receive consideration without regard to race, color, sex, age, religion, or national origin.




Return completed Burns Paiute Indian Tribe Application, Cover Letter, Resume, and transcripts to:

Human Resources Director
Burns Paiute Tribe
100 Pasigo Street
Burns, OR 97720


Fax: 541-573-2324

Email: [email protected]