LOCATION:  Burns Paiute Reservation
ACCOUNTABLE TO: Burns Paiute Tribal Council
SALARY RANGE: $80,000.00 - $110,000, DOE
CLASSIFICATION: Exempt, Full time, Benefits Available
OPEN: 06/26/2018
CLOSING:  Open Until Filled


The General Manager (GM) provides the planning, organization, coordination, monitoring, and direction necessary to ensure effective administrative operations and programs of the Burns Paiute Tribe (BPT) based on existing Tribal goals, strategies, and objectives, within compliance with all applicable Tribal and Federal policies, regulations, and procedures. Furthermore, the GM ensures the organization’s structure (table of organization) properly aligns with these goals, strategies, and objectives, including all related Human Service and program delivery requirements. Finally, the GM ensures that the staff is competent and receives any-and-all necessary training required to effectively do the work required by their jobs. It is the GM’s responsibility to maintain the highest service level possible within the staffing and financial limits of the BPT.


  1. Ability to promote the Burns Paiute Tribes’ mission, vision, values, goals and objectives in order to establish unity amongst staff. Must be able to provide constructive assistance in the resolution of interpersonal or interdepartmental misunderstandings, conflicts, etc.
  2. Ensure development and any appropriate and necessary updating of a five-year strategic plan for the BPT and gain Council approval of the plan.
  3. Coordinate and development, understanding, support, updating, and evaluation of annual Tribal goals, strategies, and objectives based on the Council-approved BPT Strategic Plan. 
  4. Periodically evaluate and make necessary changes in the organization structure and operations to ascertain proper alignment with Tribal goals, strategies, and objectives. Ensuring that all staff is trained, competent, and effectively working to pursue and meet these goals, strategies, and objectives.
  5. Knowledge and understanding of the meaning and significance of Indian Treaties, Federal Trust responsibilities, Tribal-State relations, Tribal Self-Determination and Sovereignty with the ability to work harmoniously with the Tribal community and workforce.
  6. Continuously evaluate Tribal policies, regulations, and procedures. Propose and make any needed changes after gaining Council approval as appropriate.
  7. Ensure preparation and gain approval for an annual Tribal budgetary process and budget sufficient to pursue and meet Tribal goals, strategies, and objectives, including making any needed changes in and/or complying with associated policies, regulations, and procedures.
  8. Provide oversight and general supervision to all departments by working collaboratively with 2nd-level managers to prepare and implement operational and program budgets plans.
  9. Monitor compliance with all applicable Tribal and federal policies, regulations, and procedures. Take corrective action as may be necessary and appropriate.
  10. Assist staff in the identifying funding resources for Tribal programs and services, including capital projects and enterprises that align with the strategic direction of the Burns Paiute Tribe.
  11. Oversee and provide guidance for the preparation, submission, negotiation, implementation, and monitoring of grants, contracts and cooperative agreements between the BPT and other entities. Ensure that all grants, contracts and cooperative agreements are managed in compliance with applicable Tribal and federal policies, regulations and procedures. 
  12. Oversee the planning, development, and completion of all capital projects, including land acquisition. 
  13. Oversee and provide guidance in managing employee performance and other personnel matters in accordance with Employee Policy Manual, the Tribal Governance Ordinance, the Constitution of the BPT and applicable federal laws, regulations, and guidelines. 
  14. Organize and hold regular, semi-annual work sessions (or more frequently if needed) to inform and keep Council members reasonably and formally up to date on tribal strategic issues, goal achievement, the status of projects and other information needed to help ensure the quality of their deliberations and effectiveness of their decisions. 
  15. Ensure provision of needed support services to the General Council and Tribal Council, including any Council-appointed committees.
  16. In coordination with the Tribal Council, help ensure and support the development of appropriate and needed relationships with other Tribes, government agencies, and organizational entities.
  17. In coordination with the Tribal Council, serve as an official spokesperson (point-of-contact) to the media regarding Tribal plans, events, issues, etc. Ensure that any staff authorized to have media contact are adequately informed about the topic to be addressed and can communicate effectively. 
  18. Perform other duties as may be prescribed by the Tribal Council.


The Tribal Council outlines overall objectives in accordance with policy and identifies limitations such as those imposed by budgeting, special areas of sensitivity, etc. The General Manager selects techniques, methods, and procedures for accomplishing assignments, keeping the supervisor/Tribal Council informed of developments. Issues of concern may involve controversial and/or sensitive social, political, environmental, or social problems.

The General Manager's analyses, recommendations, and suggestions must be technically correct and consistent with overall policies and the attainment of Tribal program management targets and objectives.


  • Master’s Degree in public administration, business administration or a closely related field from an accredited University required. Preferred.
  • Bachelor's Degree in public administration, business administration, or related field, REQUIRED plus Ten (10) or more years of successful administrative/management work experience (Tribal preferred), including strategic planning, policy analysis, organization change, budget development and financial management, performance management system development, public relations and board-of-control relations. 
  • Five or more years of successful experience managing an organization of 50 or more employees
  • Demonstrated knowledge of organization development and change principles and techniques
  • Ability to guide the Tribal Council in identifying governance issues and opportunities and propose alternative solutions/options for policy and other decisions 
  • Demonstrated skill in grant writing/management and contract development/management
  • Successful experience in capital project planning, funding, and development 
  • A clear understanding of the importance of Tribal natural/cultural resource preservation and methods to achieve it 
  • Strong oral and written communication skills, with the ability to effectively communicate with staff, Tribal members, federal, state, local government officials, media and the general public 
  • Demonstrated understanding of the principles of Federal Indian Law, including sovereignty, the Federal Trust Responsibility, Tribal/State relations, Tribal Self-Determination and Tribal history

Other Requirements:

  • Must submit to and pass a drug test.
  • Must submit to a criminal background check.
  • Must possess a valid drivers license.
  • Must provide three (3) years of driving records.

Indian Preference:

Indian Preference will be given to candidate showing proof of enrollment in a Federally Recognized Tribe. In the absence of qualified Indian applicant, all qualified applicants not entitled to or who fail to claim Indian Preference will receive consideration without regards to Race, Color, Creed, Sex, Politics, Age, Religion or National Origin.

How to Apply:

Application and resume’ with three (3) business references to:

            Burns Paiute Tribe
            This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
            Human Resource Director
            100 Pasigo St.
            Burns, OR 97720
            Phone: (541) 573-8013
            Fax:     (541) 573-5565


PLEASE NOTE: If requirements are not met, i.e., submission of a resume in lieu of a tribal application, or not including a required certification, your application will not be reviewed and will be disqualified.

Job Application:   

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